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Building a better quality of living spaces for children will only happen if it involves local community participation starting from increasing public awareness, changing people mindset and pupils’ behavior, and providing proper facilities to meet standards for safety, security and comfort in order to allow children to develop their full potential.


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17 Jun 19

Hand-over Ceremony of the First Two School in Boyolali Municipality, Pertiwi 2 Kindergarten at Jagoan Village and Pertiwi Kindergarten at Gunung Village end of May 2019

ars86care foundation had recently held it’s Hand-over Ceremony for two kindergaten, Pertiwi 2 Kindergarten at Jagoan Village and Pertiwi Kindergarten at Gunung Village on the 20th and 21st of May 2019.

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31 May 19

Happy Eid al-Fitr 1440 H

Warmest greetings from ars86care Foundation
Sending our wishes to all who celebrate Eid al Fitr

Kindest Regards

ars86care Foundation Family

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17 May 19

Monitoring and Evaluation on Four Kindergartens in Demak and Grobogan, Central Java

The Monitoring and Evaluation step is a continuous effort to sustain the Space to Build Program. The process allows us to set key performance indicators and evaluate the achievement, and find out the Space to Build program impact at the school we have helped.

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24 Apr 19

Kartini’s Inspiration and The Importance of Women Empowerment

21st of April, is remembered as the day we celebrate a true icon for Indonesian women, who was a pillar in women empowerement, Raden Adjeng Kartini. Her ways of thinking open the possibilities for Indonesian women to obtain equal education and were able to dream and become somebody. 


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capacity building training of kindergarten teachers and principals
08 Apr 19

The Enthusiasm of Earlhy Childhood Educator in Capacity Building Training of Kindergarten Teachers and Principals in Gunungkidul Municipality, Special Region of Yogyakarta

The role of the teacher is vital in creating a good quality learning process. From this process, it is expected that the students will benefit, and eventually improve the quality of education itself in general. Therefore, capacity building for teachers is a necessity.

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